MYLead Intern Application
During conference weekend, MYLead requires extra support behind-the-scenes to make sure things are running smoothly. For those interested in being part of that process, who may not necessarily be available to help plan behind-the-scenes all year, this is a great way to get involved.

We have 2 different types of interns who volunteer during the actual conference weekend.

Logistics Interns - Working with Logistics means helping to organize people, facilities, and supplies that support the successful operation and growth of the conference. Example tasks include registration, preparation of home-group materials, staffing the MYLead store, taking inventory, answering calls/emails from parents, and troubleshooting behind-the-scenes.

Programming Interns - Working with Programming means helping to organize the schedule and keeping things running on time. This includes being involved with speakers, workshops, and set-up of activities. This team will also help take pictures, manage social media throughout the weekend, and create the slideshow.

Interns are generally expected to be on-site for 2-4 full days. Sometimes we ask for added support during set-up/registration and the parent program/check-out on Sunday.

Requirements to be an intern include.
1. Complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service during the year preceding the conference.
2. Fundraise a minimum of $70 per day for Friday and Saturday participation at the conference.
There is no fundraising requirement for volunteering on Thursday or Sunday of conference weekend.
3. Attend a training conference call before volunteering at the conference.
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Interns are required to wear the MYLead tie dye shirt all weekend. Do you want/need a new shirt this year?
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