KASHISH 2019 Poster Design Contest
Let your CREATIVITY flow! Show us your skills!

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, South Asia's largest & India's biggest mainstream LGBTQ film festival, invites all ARTISTS, DESIGNERS, ART & DESIGN students and aficionados to compete in its special 10th Anniversary International Poster Design Competition.

This year we are looking for a SPECTACULAR POSTER DESIGN to signify our journey through the years.

It is a year of immense pride and celebration specially with the pulling down of 377. KASHISH helps to create a more aware and inclusive society of love and acceptance.

One of India's top fashion designers Wendell Rodricks will judge the international poster contest being held to design the look for the film festival. The winner gets a cash prize of Rs 25,000, instituted by Rodricks and an award trophy. The winning design will be used on billboards (hoardings), banners, cinema slides, delegate cards, T-shirts and catalog cover.

The theme for the festival, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary as well as Supreme Court's section 377 verdict, is "Over The Rainbow".

THEME: ‘Over The Rainbow’
KASHISH 2019 festival theme ‘Over The Rainbow’ not only commemorates the reading down of Sec 377 and decriminalization of same-sex relationships in India, but will also define the challenges in store for the LGBTQ community’s journey towards empowerment and social acceptance. Bringing together films from all over the world as well as panel discussions and performances, the festival will showcase the shared struggles and rejoicements, and offer a window to existing and future possibilities. Lets journey over the rainbow to discover the land of equality & dignity.


For more details about the contest and the festival, please see www.mumbaiqueerfest.com
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