Gear Damaged report
If you notice anything wrong with gear, please submit a gear damaged report here so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Please don't move air bags from one boat to another, if possible. We hope to carry spare air bags, so if there is one missing let us know, we will replace it. Select a boat with airbags. The hauling of these expensive air bags from one boat to another seems to damage or lose them. Also note, is is important you look after your own safety, and always have airbags in your boat.

Clean and dry out gear before putting it away, or on or in your car. Mostly the boats, so clear out the sand after a day surfing, sponge out water, ready for the next person to use them. Most boats will have sponges in them, so please use them. If a sponge is missing, let us know.

Foot plate adjustment nuts/bolts/wingnuts seem to be another troublesome item. Again, we hope to have emergency supply of them, so let us know, we will replace them if the originals cannot be found. They are either M4, M6 or M8 stainless or plastic wingnuts, so if anyone has a stash of them, GKC is a good home for them.

Paddles, cags, decks, helmets. Again, keep a lookout to anything wrong with them, torn, missing padding, faulty chin strap, lose, dirty, tatty, etc, submit a gear damaged report.
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Item damaged description
Eg: boat make/model, numbers, colour ,Yellow Inazone 242, GKC002
Part of item with issue
Eg: Missing a foot plat nut
Current location of gear requiring attention
Eg, Blackbox container (which one), Ocean center, (please give exact details if possible, helps the fixer!)
Reporter details
Name, number, email, any other info, such as suggestions on how to fix. In case we need more details. Thanks for reporting the problem.
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