Office Communications
Communication is the most important part of Vector. We don’t judge our reps based on results. We judge our reps based on positive attitude and great communication.
As long as you have great communication with your manager, we will help you achieve your goals. The guidelines below are designed to help you be successful in Vector and achieve your goals.

The following PDI expectations are crucial to your success; the more coaching, positive feedback, and mentoring you get, the quicker you will hit promotions and your paychecks will grow.
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I have the advanced trainings written down in my schedule. (Monday 10am-1pm & Thursday 3pm-4pm) *
I have the weekly meetings written down in my schedule. (Thursday 4pm-7pm & Sunday 3pm-5pm) *
Until my 4th promotion (10,000 CPO): *
I will also call to check in with my manager after every presentation * *
I will make sure to check-out within 15 minutes of ending the zoom callI. I will take time to check in even if I’m running late to another demo. If I have no phone or phone service I find a phone to use and check in.
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I am aware that a manager will call me between 10am-12pm Mon-Sat to offer coaching and give me the support I need to successfully navigate the job. * *
If you do not wish to receive coaching one or more mornings, you will let the manager know 48 hrs in advanced * *
If I need help at the presentation, I will call during the presentation (Our managers LOVE helping reps work out deals for their customers!) *
If my manager does not pick up and I need help on an order I will text them saying I’m with a customer and need help on an order *
When finishing demo, if my manager does not pick up, I will leave a message with full updates on the result of my demo and upcoming schedule (sales/recommendations/added demos to the schedule, game-plan for the rest of the day, etc.) If I have an appointment late at night or early in the morning I will still leave a message for my manager. *
If an appointment reschedules, I will call to update my manager so they’re not waiting for a check-in call from a demo that didn’t happen. *
When I schedule more appointments: I will text my manager. AND BLAST I got demos! Excited on group teams chat. *
Text Messaging is okay for scheduling updates only! NOT for demo or daily check ins * *
I will check in with my manager before my first appointment of the day *
I will check out with my manager after my last appointment of the day *
I agreed to be held accountable to the above information. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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