Join the Task Force on the Future of Student Government!
On November 12, College Council (CC) passed "A Resolution to Create a Community Task Force to Design the Future of Student Government at Williams College" which recognizes that the current student government, CC, has failed to represent and address the needs of the student body and that a body that is NOT CC should decide whether Council should be reformed or abolished (and decide what will replace it).

At the same time, CC acknowledges that reforming or abolishing College Council and forming a new student government is not only an enormous and time-consuming task but also an opportunity to bridge existing divides in the student community. Whatever structure replaces College Council should be decided by a body that better represents students and their interests.

And thus, we have conceived of the Task Force, a group of 15 students that will work on this very same challenge. The Task Force will draw on students from the Minority Coalition (MinCo), the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), a wide variety of clubs, student-faculty committees, JAs, and the rest of the community.

The Task Force will start working at the start of Winter Study 2020, and is expected to present a decision and a plan to the student body by the end of February. Because this is quite a challenge, we've teamed up with the Dean's Office to make the Task Force a Winter Study course! If you already have a WS class you are very interested in taking, no worries, you can still be part of this team!

To choose the members of the Task Force, we are holding an election! Nominate yourself to represent a specific sector of Williams, or run to represent everyone as an all-large member of the Task Force.

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