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Dear New VMC Member,

As part of your new member initiation, all new Active (adult) Members have specific requirements to be fulfilled in their initial year of membership. As you are aware, all are required to provide two days (6 hr/day) of Work Duty to the club, whether it be helping at an event, activity, or a project and attend an Orientation Day session. The VMC is a club of motorcycle enthusiasts, it is not simply an off-road riding area. Membership has its privileges but also carries certain responsibilities. This form is to confirm our records, to avoid any discrepancies at the end of the year.

This email message and the same message embedded in this response form is to provide you with a simple way to verify the work-duty you have given to VMC so far this season to ensure your 2024 membership renewal is trouble free.

 To meet New Member requirements, you must perform these workdays by the end of January 2024 to coincide with membership renewal period.

  • If, at that time, we haven’t received confirmation of your service, you will be contacted to determine your intentions to comply with club rules.

  • Following the process, you may be suspended from all club activities and potentially have your membership revoked.

  • This would mean that you will again need to go onto the Wait List if you wish to regain your membership in the club.

  • Suspension or revocation is not the preferred end goal - rather as part of the VMC it is expected that as a member you should want to support the club.

  • There are still events and projects ongoing now for those that are looking for a way to comply with work duty requirements. Please step forward and ask.

  • If there are mitigating circumstances as to why you cannot meet this requirement, please contact me and we can address the problem at an executive meeting, and the board will make the final decision regarding your continued membership.

All New Active Members:- Please complete and Submit the attached response form for processing by the Membership Committee.


It is also worth noting that for 2024 all Active members are required to provide one day of Work-Duty on a sanctioned club activity, project or event.


from Club bylaws:

Article 1-Membership

C – Admissions: - New Membership Applications:

Section 1.

  1. Each new Active Member is required to volunteer a minimum of two days (6 hours min/day) in their first year of membership, working on club sanctioned activity, project or event.

  1. Required volunteer activity to be recorded as directed. It is each new Members’ sole responsibility to ensure that said work duty is properly logged with the organizing Committee Chair or provided to the Executive body or as otherwise set out.

  2. Self-reporting is key in this regard.

  3. See Article 1 – A; Sec. 9a (i & ii)

  1. All New Members are required to attend an Orientation Day at the next scheduled Orientation Day date, and in all cases within the same year they are accepted as a member.

  2. No Gate Key / Fob access will be provided to new members until Orientation Day requirement has been completed.


Article 1-Membership

A – Qualifications:

Section 9. Effective February 1st, 2024; all renewing Active Members are required to volunteer a minimum of one day (6 hours min/day) to Work-Duty on a club sanctioned activity, project or event.

  1. It is each Members’ sole responsibility to ensure that said work duty is properly logged with the organizing Committee Chair or provided to the Executive body or as otherwise set out. Accurate Self-Reporting is key in this regard.

    1. If an active Member is unable to perform their annual Work Duty, they should inform the Membership Committee of a valid reason and request an exemption. I.e.: physical incapacity, regular work required them to be away from home for a greatly extended period of the full year.

    2. Exceptions will only be granted under situations of extreme hardship or duress, at the discretion of the Membership Committee in consultation with the Executive.

 Article 1-Membership


Section 1. A member may be expelled from the Club, or suspended for any period not exceeding six months from participating in any function of the Club, as the Club may decide, for:

  1. Willfully violating any by-law of the Club.

  2. Conduct unbecoming to a member of the club.

Section 2. Before any member is suspended, his case shall be investigated by the executive at a meeting to which the member shall be given not less than three days notice and at which they shall be given reasonable opportunity to attend. The executive shall recommend to the next general meeting of the Club what punishment, if any should be imposed, or that no punishment should be imposed as the case may require.

To download VMC’s Bylaws click here: https://vmc.bc.ca/rules/vmcbylaw2023_04.25.2023.pdf

For Cycle Park General Rules & Etiquette click here: https://vmc.bc.ca/rules/vmcpropertygeneralrulesandetiquette_02.28.2023.pdf 

Any new Member that has not completed their requirements will be subject to disciplinary action.

Membership in the VMC is a privilege not a right.

It is each member’s duty to protect and nurture the VMC.

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