JV Training Private Session Registration Form
Welcome to JV Training! Please fill out the following form to request a private session.

At JV Training, we take your dog’s mental and physical health very seriously. We use all of the up to date, proven methods of behaviour change and learning using positive reinforcement in all areas where possible. Though we want to be able to help everyone, we do understand that our program may not be the best fit for every dog and handler. Please visit the "Our Philosophy" section of our website, and read the following to determine if JV Training is right for you.

Please DO NOT register with us if:

1. You are looking to resolve a serious behaviour or multiple behaviours in just one or two sessions. Behaviour change takes time and commitment.
2. You are looking to use an aversive training tool such as pronged collars or e-collars. *Please note, if you currently use one of these and are looking to try other options we are happy to help.
3. You do not have the time to put in to your dog’s training.
4. You are not willing to put the safety and wellness of your dog first.

Please DO register with us if:

1. You are looking to improve your relationship with your dog and understand their needs better.
2. You are looking to teach your dog the correct response to stimuli, and a set of desirable behaviours for their toolbox.
3. You want to improve your skills as a dog handler for long-term results

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you and your dog!
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