Help us share the story of the Class of 2019 during graduation!
Are you an SHS student? A proud parent? An involved teacher? A sibling of a graduate? If so, we seek your help and involvement!

This year during the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 (June 4), we (Dr. Ziegenfuss and Mrs. Fuini-Hetten) would like to highlight the success of the new graduates as they demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and dispositions throughout their time here in Salisbury. We want to hear about how these graduates mastered content, became more tech-savvy, increased their financial literacy or even got healthier! We are also looking for stories where students in the Class of 2019 demonstrated communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity inside and outside the walls of our classrooms at any time during their educational journey. Finally, we want to hear about how our learners demonstrated the dispositions which are important to our school community - empathy., caring, perseverance, compassion, curiosity, etc.

Will you help us out? We need you to be able to share these stories and highlight the achievements of these remarkable young men and women during graduation! Will you take a few minutes to share a story with us? Thank you for completing the form by Sunday, May 19.

Thanks so much!

Dr. Ziegenfuss and Mrs. Fuini-Hetten

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Who would you like us to feature during our graduation talk? (You may select an individual student or a group of students from the Class of 2019. It could even be a club or a team! Basically, if he/she/they was/were awesome, we want to feature him/her/them!) *
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Tell us what this student (or group of students) did that demonstrated the knowledge, skill, or disposition you selected above. Include as much detail as possible to help us tell the story of the Class of 2019. (For example, Lynn demonstrated creativity when she... I was especially impressed by...) *
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