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Escape room directories are generally volunteer efforts, and can take some time to update. It often takes a week or so before your listing goes live on any particular site.

Enthusiasts - You don't have to be the owner to submit a room! Feel free to give us a heads-up without filling out all the optional fields. We'd rather get a partial listing than no listing at all.

Please note - This is intended for *real life* escape room sites, not video games!
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Tell us about the facility
This is the overall business location, which may include several individually booked escape games. (There is a section below to list and describe the games available, if desired.)
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The name of the overall business, e.g. "Eddie's Escape Emporium".
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Tell us about the escape game(s) available
These are individual experiences at the facility which players may book.
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How many players do they take?
For example, "4-6".
How much do bookings cost?
For example, "£20/person" or "$60 to book the room".
Describe the theme, storyline, distinctive features, or special requirements of the escape game(s).
What language(s) do players need to know?
For example, "Available in English or Spanish" or "language neutral (any language)".
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How can people find out more?
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