Sherry Hutchison ARCs
Chasing The Light: A CT & Grasshopper Journey by Sherry Hutchison
All of a sudden there was a loud crash and a huge roar that startled the calm night. Just like that the spell CT was under was broken, as the frightened fairies forgot the game they were playing.They dropped CT and scattered in fear, leaving her in total darkness deep within the forest.
CT landed with a soft thud on the cold damp ground, hitting her forehead on a big tree trunk. Now she was disorientated and confused as she felt something wet and sticky trickling down her face.
The scream froze in her throat as CT now knew great fear for the first time in her young life, as the spell the fairies had her under, was broken.
Mr. Sumptons Ghost: Another CT & Grasshopper Journey by Sherry Hutchison
As she was going back upstairs she heard what sounded like a young girl talking. It was the children’s section of the Library, so CT didn’t think much of it. She started up the stairs when she heard what sounded like a young girl say, "tag, your it." Now CT didn’t want to be rude to anyone, but she didn’t have time to play games. So, she continued up the stairs, but now she heard someone giggling. As she glanced around she saw what looked like a young girl, no more than five or six, dart behind the book cabinet, as if hiding.
CT hollered. " I’m sorry but I don’t have time to play with you. Maybe you better find your mom." The little girl spoke softly. "No-one ever wants to play with me and I’m so lonely."
For some reason, CT felt a chill come over her. Her arms had goosebumps and she felt strange. She was at the top of the staircase, but she stopped and slowly turned around.
"My names CT, what’s yours? And why are you hiding behind the cabinet?" A pretty girl with long brown hair stuck her head out and whispered. "My names Adi, and I can’t find my parents. Will you help me?" CT felt strange but she wasn’t sure why. She didn’t have a good feeling about this. The last time something like this happened was when she saw Mr. Sumpton's ghost.
" CT whispered, I’ll be back in a minute."
The little girl answered. "I’ll be here. I never leave."
CT sprinted up the last few stairs as fast she could, running smack into Grasshopper. She cut off whatever he was about to say.
" Hey, he asked,what’s wrong with you?"
"There’s a little girl downstairs that says she can’t find her parents," CT was talking very fast now."And she wanted me to play hide and seek with her."
" Hide and what, he asked?"
" You know, hide, then seek, then tag, your it? That game? But it makes no since, CT was shaking her head. I mean she says she can’t find her parents but she wants me to play a game with her? Isn’t that weird to you? Or have we just been talking about ghost for too long today?"
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