Application for What is Erotic Mentorship
The What Is Erotic mentorship is an 8 month program that is a chance to experience and be supported through the internal process of discovering What Is Erotic? to you. This program is for those who are interested in performing in WIE 2020, and potentially for you even if you are not interested in performing but rather discovering and exploring your own internal What is Erotic.

We are looking for eight people who are willing to explore themselves and creativity, that want to tap into to being on stage, willing to be a part of a BETA project for What is Erotic?
This is a FREE mentorship as we explore a part of ourselves that wants to come alive and to be expressed.
And people that are willing commit to this structure: (dates TBD)
-1x a month meeting with Mentor one on one meeting- 1 hour
-1x a week meeting with Peer Support (another person in group, rotating 1x a month)- 1 hour
-1x a month meeting with group 2 hours
-Your personal time creating each week

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