NACUC Hardship Fund Application
NACUC recognizes that professional development is very important to the quality of higher education spiritual life and that our gathering at conferences enriches each other and our campus programs. We also value diversity in our membership including a diversity of institutions of different sizes and with different financial situations. In addition, recent economic circumstances have impacted the funds available to our members for professional development on many campuses. In an effort to support members attending our annual conference who demonstrate lack of institutional resources and financial need, NACUC has established a Hardship Fund to support these colleagues attending our annual conference. This fund is for colleagues who have been paying for conference attendance out of personal resources or would not otherwise be able to attend due to lack of institutional funds.

Priority will be given to chaplains who are active members of NACUC (i.e., not student, affiliate, or lifetime members) and those who have not received it before. (New members may only receive funding from the Larry Green Fund.)

There is a $1,000 maximum annual allotment per applicant.

In addition to completing the form below, please email a letter (or forward an email) from a senior colleague supporting your need for these funds, or if that is not possible, please explain.

This application is due December 15, 2019
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