GLA Fellowship Application
A Fellowship will push you to explore and analyze the aspects of the world though the lens of your specific academic passion or creative pursuit. Earn merits and awards that will aid you on your journey, from college applications and essays to future career opportunities.

Below, you will choose whether to apply for the Honors Fellowship or the Arts & Letters Fellowship, You will also be asked to choose a concentration within your desired Fellowship on which to focus your skill building or subject matter engagement.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by our Fellowship Committee, and you will be notified once you've been accepted by email.

Applying to be a Fellow is free. There is a $500 Fellowship Fee due once you are accepted into the Fellowship, in addition to your standard GLA program tuition.

Please note that you must be enrolled in a GLA travel program or virtual internship to participate in a Fellowship. You are welcome to apply here first to see if you are accepted, but you must enroll in a GLA program before your Fellowship can begin.

The deadline to apply for a Fellowship is June 1, 2021.
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