2012 NYC 48 Hour Film Project
Please complete this form if you are interested in acting, being a featured extra or background in Team flipmeover's NYC 48 Hour Film Project shoot*. SAG actors can participate in the 48HFP thanks to an affiliation with SAG-AFTRA (http://48hourfilm.com/filmmakers/sag.php).

Home base will be in upper Westchester County (Yorktown Heights) though shoots may also take place in lower Westchester in the Bronxville or Mamaroneck areas.

All participants of the 48HFP must be volunteers.

Team flipmeover is Gary Ploski and Alyson Berman. The focus of Team flipmeover is to create compelling stories with a focus on raising awareness of social issues. Our hope is to include this focus in the 48HFP.

The bulk of the shoot will take place on Saturday (6/2). Some shots make take place late Friday evening/very early Saturday morning. Sunday will likely have no shots planned though we may need crowd shots which will be done in the morning.

*Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be contacted after you have submitted this form. The team has only 48 hours to write, cast, shoot, and edit the film.

It's going to be a fun weekend!
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