Exmouth 'Virtual High Street'
Supporting local businesses, especially in hospitality, events and independent retail during this second lockdown and festive period.

If you are still trading and would like to join our 'virtual high street' list, please fill in your details below.
From take outs, to online shopping, to continuing professional services... whatever you're doing, we want to help promote it!

The live list can be found on our website, Facebook and Exmouth Community UK group, all to encourage the wonderful people of Exmouth to continue to support local this season.

If you have anything else you would like support with/promoting, please email us on chair@exmouthchamber.co.uk and together, we can grow stronger/ get through this difficult time! #lovelocal #exmouthcommunity #exmouthchamber
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Business Address (if still open and customers are able to be on premises)
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