Kinky Salon Volunteers
Hey Kinksters!

This is the volunteer sign-up form for Kinky Salon LA.

Remember...the more flexible you are in your task choices, the more likely you are to get one assigned to you.

Please include your KSLA member profile name and put a link to your Facebook profile in the comments section so we can see who you are.

If you are a newbie, we strongly suggest coming to an event and meeting the volunteer coordinator, if you want to be assigned a task for a future. It is rare that we assign tasks to people we have never met :)

All attendees (both newbies and the experienced) can volunteer for:
Set-up: helping get the party space ready (Note: Set-up is on Friday, the day before the party. There are afternoon and evening shifts.)
Bar: putting people's booze in a safe place and retrieving it when they want a drink
Coat check: taking care of people's belongings while they're at the party
Elevator operator: shuttling attendees between the smoking area and the party
Clean-up: cleaning up after the party (Note: Clean-up is on Sunday afternoon, the day after the party.)

Tasks that require some experience:
Greeter: reading people the charter and being a welcoming face
Walkaround Host: being available to attendees with questions, etc.
Playspace Host: keeping an eye on the playspace
Fungeon Host: keeping an eye on the fungoen

If you have any questions about the event or need more info about the volunteer duties, please feel free to contact us!

P.S. Remember...even if you're volunteering you must be a KSLA member and have a PAL.

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