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The purpose of this study is to explore differences in the ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) diagnostic process. It is being conducted by Madeline Riella, an undergraduate student at Siena Heights University for fulfillment of course requirements in PSY 445 Research in Psychology. 

As a participant in this study you be asked to read a case vignette and provide a response on how likely you would be to diagnose the individual with ADHD. The entire process from start to finish should take 5-10 minutes of your time. You will not be required to provide your name or any identifying information on you or any of your clients. 

There should be minimal, if any, risks to you as a participant. If you any discomfort or have any concerns at any time please contact the investigator about your concerns or discontinue at any time. 

There will be no benefits or compensation to you as a participant, however the information you provide will contribute to a deeper understanding of the diagnostic process of ADHD. 

The responses you provide will be entirely confidential. Your participation is voluntary. You have the right to refuse participation at any time for any reason. 

If you have any questions regarding this project you may contact

Madeline Riella 
Department of Psychology
Siena Heights University 
Adrian, MI 49221
(734) 646-0250

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a participant in a research project, you may contact

IRB Chairperson 
Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 
Siena Heights University 
Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 264-7244
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I have read and understand the above consent form. I understand that my participation in this research project is voluntary. I also understand my rights and responsibilities as a subject in this research study. My participation in this study will serve to indicate my consent to participate. 
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