D.O. Membership Form
Thanks for your interest in using the Design Office's workspace and resources! On this form, we'll ask a few basic questions that will help us see if the space is a good fit for your needs. Please fill out this form and we will review and get back to you within one week. If you have any questions, or need help filling our the form, please contact info@thedesignoffice.org.
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• Section 1: Your Information
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What type of work do you do? *
How might the space help your work right now? *
Is there a URL that showcases your work?
Feel free to share a link to a website, Instagram, pdf, or any other online resource that shows what you work on. If you don't have an online showcase, that's fine! Feel free to skip this question.
Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
The Design Office is prioritizing membership requests from BlPOC. If you'd rather not respond, that's totally fine, too.
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What kind of membership are you interested in?
For information on our membership, see our https://donews.cargo.site/ . If neither Full-time or Part-time membership works for your needs, feel free to propose a different arrangement.
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• Section 2: Workspace Habits & Needs
Which of our resources do you see yourself using? *
Are there specific times of the day or week where you have to be in the space, or are you flexible?
Fill in the times where you plan to use the space. If you're flexible, leave this question blank. (Some of our existing members have set times when they need to be in the space. Due to COVID-19, we are trying to build a schedule that works for distanced use of the space, so knowing when you might use the space, or whether you're flexible will be helpful.)
Are you comfortable in a working in an environment that's typically quiet? *
For example, most members typically work at their desks with headphones on, except when taking a call or meeting.
How often are you on calls or in meetings? *
Never. I work alone.
All the time. I'm on video calls all day long!
How often would you need to use a private talking space? *
We currently have one private phone both in the premises, as well as a nook with a curtain for private communication. We want to make sure we can support the needs of our members properly.
Every day.
• Section 3: COVID-19 Checklist
Are you comfortable with a maximum 5-person occupancy rule? *
Due to COVID, we can only allow a maximum of 5 people in the space. This means that there may be times where you cannot use the space, if it is already at capacity. We plan to manage this through a shared calendar and personal accountability.
Are you comfortable with a mandatory mask policy while away from your desk? *
It's okay to lower your mask while at your personal desk space, but while moving around, we do require wearing a mask.
Are you comfortable taking responsibility for wiping the surfaces you use while at the Design Office? *
We require that all members agree to wipe all surfaces they use after using them. This includes personal desks.
Are you or any family members at heightened risk for COVID-19? *
Do you work or spend time in crowded public spaces? *
• Section 4: Questions & Contact Information
Do you have any questions for us?
You can also feel free to reach out to info@thedesignoffice.org with questions.
How did you hear about The Design Office?
How should we contact you? *
Give us an email address or phone number here.
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