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Entity Definitions:
A for-profit business that would like to be represented on our website and campaign promotional material by financially contributing to the campaign. Possible examples include (but are not limited to), magic mushroom (psilocybin) research/treatment medical companies, mushroom growing supply companies, psychedelic music festivals.

A non-profit organization that would like to cross-promote our campaign material, goals, and post to the community calendar for events. They could be psychedelic clubs, integration circles and practitioners, psychedelic community festivals, etc..

A brick and mortar location that would like to distribute buttons, stickers, t-shirts and eventually petition sheets! Could be a coffee shop, bookstore, cannabis dispensary, yoga studio, makerspace, health food store etc…

With respect to the definitions above, what kind of entity is this? A potential sponsor, partner, and or ally? (In some cases it can be all three so check each box that applies.) *
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