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Grades 4-12
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Does your teacher understand you and what you learn every day? *
Do you trust your teacher? *
How often do you think you can be yourself with this teacher? *
My teacher treats all students fairly... *
My teacher has a positive relationship with my family or my parents... *
My teacher shows that s/he cares about me... *
How positive are the relationships you have with other students in this class? *
My teacher expects students in class to work together... *
In this class, how often do students get to do the talking? *
I know my progress in this class... *
How often are you comfortable asking this teacher questions about what your are learning in his class? *
When students don't understand something, does your teacher try to help them understand it better? *
Does your teacher show you how to make your work better? *
How often does this teacher believe you can do really challenging work? *
How often are you excited to go to this class? *
I believe I am capable of making the community I'm from a better place... *
In this class, I learn about topics that are relevant to my life... *
I am learning about the strengths and obstacles of communities like mine. *
Please share any comments you have that you would like to share with your teacher.
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