Business Analytics 2015 - Homework 0
This is Homework 0 for the Business Analytics class at Seoultech.

(Due date: 2015-03-11 23:59)
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Writing a CV and Self Introduction
This section of your homework is not graded.
However, you are seniors! Use this opportunity as a chance to practice writing and getting feedback on your CV (which you will definitely be sending to companies and/or schools in the near future).

1. CV
Create a GitHub accout. Open, and write a CV in Markdown.
You are recommended to include the following:
- A full-face photo
- Your name, phone number, email address
- Education history: What high school you attended, what courses you loved most, etc.
- Working experience: Internships, exchanges, etc.
- Others: Extracurricular activities, honors, awards, language skills, etc.

> Don't know what a CV is?
> Markdown cheatsheet:
> You are also encouraged to create a CV page at

2. Self-introduction paper
"Add file" at your current Gist and introduce your self to the instructor.
This is to provide you a better lecture experience. You are encouraged to include the following:
- Tell me about your characteristics.
- Why are you taking this course and what do you expect from it?
- What you wish to do in the future?

> Remember to save your Gist using the "Create Secret Gist" button, if you don't want it to be searchable.
Enter the URL for your Gist here:
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