Terminology Practice Test (Basic Foot Techniques)
Choose the correct answer for each question below to help you practice your terminology. All technique are spelled phonetically.
How do you say "Kick" in Korean?
How do you say "Front Kick" in Korean?
How do you say "Round House Kick" in Korean?
Which kick is "Ahneso Pahkuro Cha Gee"?
If you put "Ee Dan" in front of a kick, what does that mean you are doing?
For which kick should you hit with the heel of the foot?
For which kick should you strike to the opponent's collar bone?
Which kick can also be used as a block?
Which of these techniques is "Spin Hook Kick" in Korean?
Put these two kicks together. What would "Ahp Cha Gee, Dollryo Cha Gee" be?
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