Event/Room Request Agreement
Please read this entire form before submitting.

The responsibility for scheduling the use of Stoney Church facilities will reside with the Office Administrator. This office will manage facility use, scheduling, and rental agreements. Stoney Church ministry use will hold first priority in all cases. No facility may be used without appropriate approval and a completed Event/Room Request form.

This form is for any and all persons wishing to use space at Stoney Church for meetings, special events, Multiply groups, family events, etc. Please submit your request AT LEAST FOUR (4) WEEKS BEFORE your requested event date. This process may take longer to approve because of new Covid-related restrictions and changing Executive Orders.

Receiving your request in advance in no way guarantees the reservation of your event. The earlier you submit your request, the better the chances of receiving the room/resources requested. If your requested space is not available, another room will be assigned, if possible. If there is nothing available, you may need to change the date of your event.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to leave the room EXACTLY as you found it. A fee may be assessed if the room is left dirty and not returned to the original set up. You are agreeing to remove ALL of your items, including taking out the trash and wiping down the room in accordance with the posted cleaning procedures. There are currently fewer available areas in the building because of current restrictions.

If you have not requested items or services above-and-beyond the basic room ahead of time, the day of the event is not the appropriate time to ask, and we cannot guarantee the use of extra items and/or services if not requested in advance.

PLEASE REMEMBER that YOU are the host of your event. Stoney Church will reserve the room for you, but the rest is yours to plan and you will be responsible for ensuring that the following safety protocols are adhered to:
-Masks are highly encouraged in the building
-Social Distancing is always recommended
-Rooms are to be cleaned according to the guidelines posted in each room
-Encourage hand sanitizing before and during your event

All events must be approved by the Executive Director first. If approved, the Office Administrator will follow up with you about the details of your event.

Please note: While we as Stoney Church will do everything we possibly can to accommodate your event/announcement request, our facilities, announcement time, and personnel are limited.
I read & agree to the COVID precautions and disinfecting guidelines, as well as the terms of this event/room request form. If I have any questions, I will contact the office at least one day before my event. *
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