Bunch Locations - 9.30am first sunday of each month
We will be restarting our Bunches in St Leonards, Portarlington and Clifton Springs. This will be happening monthly over the next five months. However rather than just allocating our clusters to a particular Bunch, we are going to provide each person an opportunity to nominate which Bunch you will commit to. We want people to stay connected for the five months to the same location. Bunches are about family and by being regular in the one place we have the opportunity to go deeper with each other.

For a variety of reasons we have had to modify our locations. We have also got some new Bunch leaders who will oversee the Bunches. Our locations and leaders are:

- Jenny Illingworth, leading the Portarlington Bunch meeting at CBTB.
- Xander Napoli, leading the St Leonards Bunch meeting at 13 Findlay crescent St Leonard’s.
- Craig Wood-Burgess, leading the Clifton Springs Bunch at 48 Delungra Avenue Drysdale.
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