NC Muscadine Grape Association Survey
The North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association is engaged in a year-long project to revitalize the Association and examine how it can best serve the muscadine industry. Your answers to the questions in this survey will help this process.

Your responses to these questions will be compiled anonymously. However, at the end of the survey we offer the option of sharing your contact information if you are interested in further involvement or response, and to be entered into a drawing for a pair of Felco #6 pruners. THIS SURVEY CLOSES JUNE 15. We have given away TWO sets of pruners and have one more to give away to those who participate between April 15 and June 15.

For some questions we have provided some specific answers for your convenience filling out the survey but also space for other answers, detailed responses, and comments. We especially welcome these additional comments and more detailed responses. A few questions are for growers only, the rest are for everyone filling out the survey.

Which of the following best describes you? (You may select more than one)
Are you a member of the NC Muscadine Growers Association?
Are you a member of the NC Winegrowers Association?
For growers: What types of grapes does your farm raise?
For growers: How do you sell your grapes?
For growers: What are the most important barriers to your success as a grape producer? Please select the THREE most important for you.
Additional comments:
Your answer
(This and all following questions are for everyone, not only growers.) What do you see as the most important barriers to success for the muscadine industry as a whole? Please pick the THREE most important issues.
Additional comments:
Your answer
The NC Muscadine Growers Association has a number of activities and could take on others. Which of the following is or would be most helpful or important? Please select no more than three as "Most helpful/important".
Most helpful/important
Somewhat helpful/important
Least helpful/important
Supporting research and extension
Organizing field days/on-farm meetings
Faciliating networking, mentoring, and information exchange among members
Holding educational conferences
Providing timely information (newsletters/emails)
Promoting muscadines to the public
Providing leadership and representing the muscadine industry
Working on state/federal policy changes and concerns
Additional comments
Your answer
What do you think the relationship between the NC Muscadine Growers Association and the NC Winegrowers Association should be?
Additional comments:
Your answer
How do you personally most like to learn and receive information?
Please share any other thoughts you have about the future of the muscadine industry and the role of the NC Muscadine Growers Association:
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May we contact you directly to talk more about your thoughts?
Are you interested participating further in this project?
If your answer is yes to either (or both) of these questions --and/or you would like to be entered into our drawing to win a pair of Felco pruners -- please provide your contact information.
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Phone number
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