Agrilliance Farmers' Survey - EN
As we are building the initiative, we need your input to assemble the best tools that will help develop food resilience in your community. This survey has been kept short (12 questions) to minimize the time required on your end. The information you provide is confidential and will be used to understand and serve your farming business better. We really appreciate your feedback!
Name of your farm or email address & Country
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1. Are you familiar with any of the following terms? Check the box if yes.
2. Do you believe certifications (organic and others) are the best way to earn consumer trust?
3. Does lack of consumer access expose your business to waste of produce especially during peak harvest periods?
4. Is online presence important for your business?
6. Would you be interested in selling to clients through direct marketing?
5. Would it be interesting for you if Agrilliance offered a customizable alternative to your business' website?
7. What is your current budget for direct marketing?
In hours per week and/or $ per year
8. How many hours a week do you devote to direct marketing?
In hours per week
9. What are the main goals for your farm?
1. Short term 2. Mid term 3. Long term
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10. What are the biggest challenges for your farm's viability?
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11. What are the 3 features you would like to see on which could help your farm?
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12. Do you have any other ideas or comments about the site?
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