Regulatory Mismanagement Harms Toronto's Visitors Economy
Do consumers want regulations that restrict competition and favour foreign corporations over local businesses?
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Please leave your email if you want to be kept informed about the regulatory mismanagement that is harming the market for visitor accommodations in Toronto. 
Yes or no: do you think it is a bad policy that city regulators are enabling pirates to post fake Airbnb listings?
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Have you ever stayed in a short-term rental while traveling? (Private home on airbnb, vrbo,, etc)
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1. Did you know that hotel corporations wrote the Toronto city regulations restricting competition for visitor accommodations? *
2. Did you think it is bad for consumers that hotel prices have gone up 70% since the city adopted regulations written by hotel corporations? *
3. The hotel corporations promised city council that there would be more rental vacancies if Airbnb was restricted. Do you think that there are more or fewer rental vacancies since the regulations were enacted?
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4. Do you think it makes sense to spend tax dollars to enforce regulations if the reason for the regulations turns out to have no basis in fact?
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5. Our Toronto visitor economy is worth $10 Billion annually. Do you think more choice and better prices are good for our economy?
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6. Keeping visitor spending in local hands is a good thing.
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7. I believe it is bad for consumers for the City of Toronto to restrict local small businesses from offering more choice and better prices.
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8. I would like to receive updates from about how more choice and better prices benefit consumers like me. 
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