On the Road to Prosperity: Fostering Collaborative Transportation and Economic Development Planning
With support from FHWA, the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation is kicking off a series of virtual peer exchanges exploring how transportation and economic development planning practitioners can work together to maximize the economic impact of infrastructure investments, grow businesses and jobs, and strengthen the livability and vitality of communities and regions.

This five-event series will provide hands-on training on topics such as using economic analysis to sharpen transportation decision making, engaging business and workforce stakeholders in the transportation planning process, leveraging non-traditional funding sources, aligning transportation and economic development plans, and taking advantage of new economic opportunities stemming from enhancements to transportation networks. Attendees will include regional economic development professionals, regional planners, state transportation agency and state commerce staff, and other partners.

In order to make these virtual peer exchanges as useful as possible, the NADO Research Foundation is seeking your input. This short form will ask you to indicate your interests and needs related to the peer exchange topics as well as success stories you might be willing to share. The responses will help us shape the content, identify speakers and case studies, and develop interactive activities and networking opportunities.

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