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To add a New Project or Program for your CCA, please fill out all fields below as completely as you are able. Your agency's name for this project.
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What are the Goals or key Issues this project/program attempts to address for the CCA, Community, or the Grid? Some examples of issues addressed by DER include: customer demand reduction, flexible management of peak capacity and costs, enabling shift/shape of demand, electrical grid resilience, community resilience, resource adequacy, overall cost savings from avoided grid upgrades, job creation, energy democracy, local investment, carbon emission reductions, increased local renewable development, tools to transition to 100% renewable energy, and many more....
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Short Description
Briefly describe the key elements of how the program works.
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Market or Gov't Partners for funding, design, implementation.
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Do you classify the effort as generally Successful, Limited Success, Unsuccessful? Are there shareable results or metrics that have been tracked, or cost/benefit assessments, value brought to the CCA or customer?
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Lessons / Notes
To assist the efforts of other CCAs, what lessons or advice can you share? Challenges, barriers, critical success factors, advice for similar future projects?
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Year the pilot/effort began operation - 4 digit year
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Project Size
Most helpful for energy development projects (MW, MWh, # of panels, etc.)
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Key contact info (name, phone & email) in your CCA that other CCAs may reach out to for more information or a discussion.
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Please use this field to direct other CCAs to the links for key project documents and work products that may be leverageable: Project description, planning documents, business model/value, budgets, work products, slide decks, webinars, technical implementation details, etc. Please list up to three URLs, with a Title. (ex: Summary Slides: http://...)
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