Laserdisc Game Past Locations
Where do you remember seeing laserdisc arcade games being operated in their prime?
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Location Name (while the game was there) - This is the name of the retail space, which may have been inside a larger complex. *
If it's "Chuck E. Cheese's" click here... -------- If it's "Fun-N-Games" (or similar) click here... ----- If you don't know the name of the place, type "UNKNOWN" and then describe it. ---------------------------------- (Examples: ----- an arcade ----- a pizzeria ----- a grocery store)
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If this retail space or concession was inside a larger complex, type the name of the mall, plaza, facility, hotel, theme park, resort, etc.
Examples: ----- Cottonwood Mall ----- Southland Shopping Center ----- Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf ----- Tomorrowland, Disneyland ----- Terminal 2, Los Angeles International Airport
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Location Status *
This refers to the location you named above, where the game was installed, even if the game was owned & operated by another person or company.
If the business moved to a new space while still operating the game, and the game moved with them, click here...
If the business moved, then later closed, choose "Closed".
Has the building (or area) been razed/demolished? *
Share whatever you like... such as your certainty level with your memory, an unusual price to play, unusual DIP switch settings, dates present, if the game was converted, cabinet style, cabinet serial number, info about the location, company name/ownership changes, any stories, etc., etc., etc.
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City, State/Country *
Even though we ask for coordinates below, this helps us.
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Try to pinpoint your coordinates exactly where the game cabinet was positioned inside the room.
Each cabinet must have different coordinates for the map icons to work.
Map Coordinates - latitude, longitude - NOT the street address!
See how to easily find precision coordinates here.....
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If you can only take your best guess at the placement of the coordinates, that's alright, (for example, somewhere inside a large theme park), but then WRITE IN THE NOTES ABOVE THAT YOU'RE NOT CERTAIN OF THE PLACEMENT.

Likewise, if you've never known the area well and you don't intuitively remember how to get back there today, (such as if you were too young or out of town), PLEASE MENTION THIS IN THE NOTES! Sometimes a business moves to a larger space... right next door! So, if you need to find this place by searching its name, be sure you can confidently recognize the area on the map after that, or else let us know that you're not certain of your placement, instead of just assuming the address you find is still the same spot.

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