Lean Approach to Research - Registration for Workshop (Dec 10th, 2019)
This form is for registering interested participants for an introductory Lean Research workshop on Dec 10th, 2019 at Ashesi University. It also collection information about those who are interested in a Training of Trainers under discussion.
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Did you attend the Lean Research workshop this June 2019 by NEXTi2i at Ashesi? *
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Training of Trainers (TOT) Application
This part of the form is designed to understand the goals and motivations of those interested in a potential training of trainers program for lean research under the NEXTi2i collaboration. You are potentially eligible to participate in the training of trainers workshop if you have previously participated in Lean Research workshop and you have implemented Lean Research or are working on projects that could use the Lean Research approach. The trainer will start earlier on December 10th before the main workship and will wrap up in the morning of December 11th. Due to limited space, you may or not may be accepted into the ToT program. You will be evaluated based on your responses below.
Please describe the nature of the research or monitoring and evaluation project with details about the objectives and potential outcomes?
What methodology was designed or implemented in this project?  
How have you or how might you apply Lean Research to your research or monitoring and evaluation project?
If accepted into the ToT program, who would you want to train and why? How would you train them, where, and when?
Why do you want to participate in the ToT program?
What excites you the most about the Lean Research approach?
Will you be able to attend a follow-up training session on Dec 11th if invited to be part of the  ToT program? *
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