Application: T-Group Weekend for Startup Leaders
The next T-Group Weekend for Startup Leaders will be held March 21-24, 2019 (Thurs evening - Sunday evening) in San Leandro, CA. To apply for this weekend, complete all the questions below and click the Submit button at the end of the application. We will accept applicants on a rolling basis until the group is filled. Thanks!
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How many teammates are currently working with you on your startup or how large is your company in terms of employees/headcount? *
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What skills, experiences or perspectives would you hope to gain from a T-group weekend experience? *
(List 2 or 3 specific learning goals with a short description for each. If you're not sure what your goals would be, please check out the T-Group Takeaways Video on our website or talk to past T-group participants to get a sense for what some meaningful goals might be.)
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What concerns, if any, do you have about participating in a T-group weekend?
(Feel free to pose questions/concerns here or share with us what you anticipate might be most challenging for you.)
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How did you hear about our T-Group Weekend? *
Please be as specific as you can as it helps us understand our referral process better. (i.e., if someone told you about the program, please let us know who specifically)
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Should we consider you for one of our scholarships for pre-funding/bootstrapping startups? *
Please note: 1) We want this program to be accessible to early-stage startups, but we can only offer a limited number of scholarships so that applicant pool is much more competitive. 2) The max scholarship is the reduction to $2000, so if $2000 is still outside your budget, please consider re-applying once you do have the budget.
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