NPSIG & Global Vision Discussion
Welcome to the IFLA's Global Vision discussion! #iflaGlobalVision

It is your turn to roll up your sleeves and tell us how you see the united library field can tackle the challenges of the future. Each contribution matters, as IFLA cannot know without your voice what is happening in your part of the world and how you see your work in future.

This is a conversation launched by IFLA in April 2017 in Athens, Greece. It continues to spread around the globe through meetings, workshops and online discussions. Together we represent a lot of different experiences that are equally important.

The conclusions from this survey will be summarized in a report which will be sent to back IFLA. This unique material will provide a basis for a comprehensive IFLA Global Vision Report which will be published in early 2018.

Below you will find questions, all part of the Global Vision work. Please answer the questions and keep the discussion going, because only with your opinion -- it can get better! :)

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