CMC 2017 Youth Ministry Evaluation
As part of our College Mennonite Church Strategic Planning Implementation, we are evaluating each program's faith formation impact. Please answer all questions below as best you can. Thanks!
Section 1: Purpose of Youth Ministry
Youth ministry at College Mennonite Church exists so that adolescents are centered on Christ, connected to the church, and compassionate about their communities.
Being centered on Christ is necessary so that adolescents know who they are patterning their life after. With Christ as Lord, Redeemer, and Way of Life, we are called to a different way of living that is empowered by the Holy Spirit and supported through the church.
Being connected to the church is necessary for adolescents to develop their identity as someone created and loved by God. The church is a safe place to ask questions, explore and develop gifts, and create relationships of love and accountability with all ages. An identity in Christ that is nurtured in the church will have an impact on all parts of our life.
Adolescents need to enact what they know and who they are to become fully formed. Being compassionate about their communities can be seen and developed while interacting with family and friends, through times of serving others and learning from them, and in the career paths that are chosen.
How do you see this purpose statement reflected in the programs, activities, and faith formation that you/your child experiences in Genesis and/or MYF? *
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How does this help you/your child strengthen discipleship? *
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How does MYF and Genesis help you/your child grow spiritually? *
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