Media Team Signups
Purpose and Vision - Inform, Inspire, Integrate & to pursue unity by making information readily accessible

- Video Announcements: Responsibilities include making the script, recording people, and editing the video.
- Social Media: Informing the ministry of current events through Instagram/Facebook. You need judgment, sensitivity knowledge of basic composition, and ability to communicate effectively.
- Website + Recording Archive: Need good communication skills to communicate with admin and keep website updated with relevant information on upcoming events and recordings of sermon.
- Photography/Videography: Responsibility of taking pictures/videos for different events happening in the ministry.

You do not have to be skilled or perfect in order to join. All we ask for is a heart that is open and ready to serve and learn so do not hesitate to join if you do not know how to do much! : )
If you have any more questions contact Jamie Lee (562)-916-6313 or Rachel Yoo (562)-351-9853.
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