Yr 5/6 Student ICT Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete our Yr 5/6 Student Survey. We appreciate your responses.
What is your gender? *
What device do you bring to class? *
I have been taught to respect my device (or school devices) *
I have been given adequate instruction in Cyber Safety. *
I feel I am in a safe environment accessing the Internet. *
I am more comfortable and confident using a laptop as a learning tool than at the beginning of the 1:1 laptop programme. *
I am aware of copyright *
I know what to do if I come across content I am uncomfortable with. *
I have had opportunities to work at my own pace and level this year. *
Please comment and give examples...
I have had opportunities to use software / programmes that has allowed me to show creativity, understanding and application of knowledge. *
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The use of my own laptop has increased my ability to work independently to solve problems and produce original work. *
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The introduction of laptops has improved my ability to work cooperatively with others to solve problems *
The physical environment and layout of the classroom has helped my learning experience this year. *
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I enjoy coming to a school and learning with my laptop (or use of school desktop) *
If so, how?
I feel more engaged at school since the introduction of 1:1 laptops? *
If so, how?
How important do you think ICT (Information Communication Technology) is to your learning? *
What do you believe to be the most important uses of ICT? (You can select more than one response)
I have found my teachers website useful. *
What are your favourite online resources?(You may select as many as you wish) *
Do you like Class Dojo ? *
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Do you think Hawker Park Primary teaches enough ICT? *
If the school was to provide ICT training for your parents, do you think they would come? *
Would you recommend the use of a personal laptop to other children? *
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I am in year *
Please provide any further comments or information regarding your experience this year. *
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