Training and Development Questionnaire
Aloha, Mahalo no kou kōkua. My name is Laura Alexander Founder and Director of Operation at Hawaii Holistic Communication Skills, locally owned in Oahu. Our passion is serving our local businesses during these challenging times.

We are conducting a survey to get a better understanding of our local businesses needs and concerns during these unprecedented times. We wish to foster sustainability in the local businesses to reach their goals and objectives.

We develop personalized training by designing content that addresses workplace challenges, time constraints, and meeting company goals and requirements. Our company is offering 30% discounts on our behavioral assessments, and training program for filling out this questionnaire that should take less than 10 minutes of your time. Thank you for providing us with the helpful information to better serve and support Oahu's local businesses.

Please contact us for questions or booking services via phone #808.260.4318 or by our email, For more information, visit our website at and browse our different trainings.
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What is your preferred Training Methods? *
What is your preferred training program scheduled preference? *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the communication skills proficiency in the workplace? *
Does the management team deal with conflicts and differences appropriately? *
What are the skills that a trainer should possess to make the training effective? Please check all that may apply. *
What type of training application do you prefer? *
Are your staff aware of their weaknesses, and blind spots that could potentially cause conflicts in the workplace? *
Do you currently have a 'health & wellness' program in place that is meeting the needs of your staff? *
What type of training is being taught for new personnel in your organization? *
How important is the 'DISC behavior sell-awareness' assessment to the staff's personal development? (DISC=Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) *
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How many training programs does your company conduct in a year? *
Has your company been utilizing the training skills and knowledge acquired from the previous training program? *
How long does it take to implement the training process? In months.
1 month or less
5 or more months
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Do training sessions help to improve work efficiency and productivity? *
Are you providing training solutions for personal and professional development that are engaging, interesting, and intriguing? *
Do you think training and development increase the efficiency of employees?
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Are you bringing high-impact training programs that show your employees you are serious about their growth and health and wellness? *
Which type of training is most beneficial? *
Give your suggestions to improve training and development. *
What would provide added value to a training program? *
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