PHSN Band 2020-2021 Leadership Application
This application is DUE on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 @ 11:59pm


Leadership Interviews will be scheduled and conducted via Google Meets the weeks of May 11th-15th, 2020.

After the application submission deadline, you will receive a link to schedule your interview.

Any student applying for the position of SECTION LEADER will need to perform a short 30 second excerpt on their instrument, demonstrating preparation and musical skill.


Thank you for your interest in the 2020 PHSNMB Leadership Team. These positions are critical to the success of the marching band. If those people who are in student leadership positions fail to provide the proper kind of leadership, the band will not reach its full potential. Past success never guarantees future success!

Before continuing, please review the following expectations for student leaders with the 2020 PHSNMB. If you do not feel you can commit to these expectations and just want to be a part of the band, that’s fine. But if you accept these expectations and are prepared to work with the directors to make the 2020 PHSNMB the best ever, please fill out the attached form and turn it in. Leaders honor their commitments at all times.

Definition of Common Terms:

1.“On-time”-being where you are supposed to be with what you are supposed to have 10 minutes before the announced time.

2.“Performance”-anytime the Marching Panthers perform. That includes parades, games, in support of the football team, competitions, and concerts.

3.“Checking off your music”-you will be able to play your music from memory well enough so that you would receive a SUPERIOR rating at solo & ensemble. (Our goal is to be a Superior band and we are the sum of our parts.)

4.“Clean”-there is NO tarnish or fingerprints, smudges, grime, spit, gunk, or any other foreign substance that will detract from the “shine” of your instrument.

5.“In Uniform”-wearing the uniform that has been specified by the directors, AND, wearing it in the correct manner.

6.“Goals”-there are many goals for the band-here they are:

A. Grow as people and musicians.
B. Overall Superior rating at every OMEA competition. (The PHSNMB has achieved a SUPERIOR rating in consecutive competitions dating back to 2004.)
C. Superior ratings in every sub-caption on the judge’s sheets.
D. Have fun while making music.


1. Sectional rehearsals over the summer. You will be required to have at least 3 sectional rehearsals between the end of school and the first day of pre-camp. (Obvious considerations for the Covid-19 recommendations will be accounted for.) You will need to schedule these and give a copy of the schedule to the band directors. You will be responsible for contacting the members of your section/squad to insure that they know about the rehearsals. You should expect to see a director at some of your sectionals. The better your section/squad knows its music before camp, the faster we can learn the drill and get it on the field with music.

2. Be on time to rehearsals. Rehearsal will start on time. 10 minutes prior to after school rehearsals, you will meet with your squad/section at the designated location where you will take attendance. During school all members of your squad/section will be in position by the end of the cadence. You will also insure that your section/squad members have everything they need for rehearsal, instrument, music, charts, poles, chips, etc…

3. Know your music. You will be expected to check off your music in a timely fashion to a director or band staff member.

4. Uniforms. You will be expected to demonstrate to your section/squad how to wear
our uniforms. This will be done prior to the first performance. Prior to each performance, you will conduct uniform inspections to insure that our uniform is worn correctly.

5. Instruments. The school, the band boosters, and your parents have invested thousands of dollars in instruments for you to play. We expect you to treat them like they are priceless objects. With that in mind, before you are selected to be a section/squad leader, you will need to demonstrate that you understand what a clean, polished instrument looks like. You personal instrument will be in complete working order (All slides working, regulated and adjusted, no missing parts, etc…). You will be provided the appropriate materials for cleaning/polishing your instrument. Do not use anything but the materials that will be provided to you.

6. Section Instrument Maintenance. You will be expected to coordinate and schedule “polishing parties” prior to each performance. We cannot march with dirty horns.

7. Set the example for your section/squad-during rehearsals, you will be the first one in your spot, hustling back to position, you will be attentive and listening at all times, you will be a model of behavior during rehearsals. You will help those in your section/squad that need help, either with marching or playing. You will not whine or complain. If you have a question about what we are doing or why, you will come and ask a director.

Additional Expectations:

A. Promote the PHSNMB, both on and off the field.
B. Listen to and help out the Field Commanders.
C. Know everyone in your section.
D. Report any changes in your section’s personnel to Mr. Benson immediately.
E. Be organized. Have extra music/charts for your section.
F. When running your sectionals, have a plan or a goal. Do not waste time.
G. Have patience with struggling marchers. (Remember, you were a rookie once!)
H. Work with those who are having difficulties with marching or learning the music.
I. Help the new members learn the system (where and when to be places, care for the uniform, where to keep stuff, how to read charts, learn music etc... Be a big brother or sister to new members in your section).
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Base on the Leadership Points System, please list the activities within the last year for which you are claiming points, and your total point value earned: *
(Example: "Private Lessons - 70 points") ***Consideration will be made for the school closure, spring 2020.***
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I have read, understand, and agree to all of the items contained in the “Definition of Common Terms, Expectations, & Additional Expectations” portion of this application, attached above in the description of this form. *
I have thoughtfully completed all of the answers to the questions on this form with honesty and sincerity. *
If I am selected for a leadership position, I understand that I accept the following obligations of my position: *
1) Abide by all rules and fulfill all obligations as set forth by the PLSD HS Student Handbook, PLSD Non-Athletic Extracurricular Code of Conduct, PHSN Band Handbook, and the Administration and Teachers of the Pickerington Local School District. 2) Meet the expectations and requirements outlined in this application. 3) Work to develop my personal musicianship and leadership skills to their full potential. 4) LEAD BY EXAMPLE. 5) Set a positive example for future Section/Squad Leaders and all band members to follow.
Please seek and list two teacher endorsements/references outside of the band program, and their email contacts, for your consideration for a leadership position. *
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