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We ask all potential volunteers to give the following information. Please answer honest and to the best of your knowledge. Needless to say, we will of course treat all personal details with absolute confidentiality.
Questions NOT marked with a red asterisk (*) merely serve to help us create the right schedule and program for you and will NOT influence whether or not you can stay with us. Answers are optional.
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Do you have any allergies (food, insect bites, dust, etc.) or medical conditions (diabetes, depression, etc.) we need to know about? *
Did you read and understand the section on 'Volunteering' on our website? *
Why do you want to stay with us?
What do you expect/want to learn from this experience?
Do you have any previous experience with farming, permaculture, simple living, jungle trekking, or freehiking?
Can you eat spicy food?
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Do you know how to use a bush knife/machete?
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Did you tell family and friends that you won't have regular internet access/cell phone reception? *
Please provide us with an emergency contact (email) in case something happens to you: *
Are you affiliated with any organizations (e.g. NGO's), projects, schools, churches, etc.? If yes, please specify. *
Anything else you want to tell us or that we should know?
Thank you for your interest and cooperation! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Karn and Dave, Feun Foo Project Managers
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