Instructor Registration Form
Service Agreement

Instructor Responsibilities

• Franchise fee is payable 52 weeks of the year as the price is adjusted to include payment holidays.
• Price payable per week is £50 and and is payable to the selected bank account every Friday before noon.
• Adhere to National Standards for Driver Trainers.
• Adhere to Driving Instructors Voluntary Code of Conduct.
• Display a Fast Pass window sticker in the rear or rear side window of the tuition vehicle at all times. This is to identify yourself to Fast Pass pupils and also our only small input to advertising.
• Agree and adhere to Fast Pass pricing.
• Dress to an appropriate standard. No football tops, jogging bottoms, offensive slogans or open toed footwear.
Maintain good personal hygiene and act in a manner which is professional and friendly.
• Allow pupils to progress at an appropriate speed according to the level of learning. Giving pupils more lessons than they need will not be tolerated.
• It is the instructors responsibility to turn enquiries in to leads.
• Instructors may not pass enquiries to other instructors, if you have too many pupils or cannot convert a lead, then an enquiry should be returned to Fast Pass to redistribute.
• Instructors are responsible for the maintenance, legality and cleanliness of their vehicle which should be kept to a professional standard at all times. The vehicle should be roadworthy, fitted with dual control pedals and be a comfortable and inviting place in which to deliver lessons.
• The instructor will adhere to Fast Pass Instructor Service Delivery Recommendations.
• Instructors will not sub-contract without prior permission from Fast Pass. However this is a condition which may be facilitated on further negotiation.

Further details on request.

Fast Pass Service

• As part of your weekly fee we aim to provide and average of 1-3 enquiries per week.
• Fast Pass will be responsible for marketing and passing received enquiries to instructors only.
• Fast Pass provide this no frills service to allow Instructors to maintain their individuality.
• The Fast Pass name and branding remains the property of Fast Pass.


• Fast Pass reserve the write to cancel a contract without notice upon unprofessional conduct or in the event an instructor breaks any of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
• Normally 4 weeks notice from either party will be required to terminate the contract.

A copy of this document can be viewed here:

In addition i will deliver training in accordance with:

• National Standards for Driver trainers -

• Fast Service Delivery Policy -

Please to be sure to read all documents
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