The Core Values Scholarship
**The Core Values Scholarship application is closed**

Core Values are the fundamental beliefs to any person or organization. They help determine if you’re going on the right path, and the guiding principles to your personal success. You express these everyday in your actions and behaviors.

Answer the following 3 prompts to the best of your ability:
1. Please give a description of your involvement with either or any of the following: the VSA on your campus, the Northeast region, and Northeast UVSA as an organization
2. What are your goals in life? What are your core values? How are you using your core values to get closer to your goals?
3. What do you hope to gain and bring back to your VSA and community after attending UNAVSA-15?

Upon submission, an interview will be conducted by the sponsor.

Submission Guidelines:
300 word count minimum for each prompt (900 word minimum total)

-Open to current undergraduate students only
-Be a member of a VSA within the Northeast region (you are only eligible if you are a current member of any of the 9 constituent schools: Baruch VSA, Binghamton VSA, Stony Brook VSA, Rutgers VSA, St. John’s VSA, Columbia VSA, Temple VSA, FIT VSA, Hunter VSA)
-Agree to attend the following UNAVSA-15 programming throughout conference upon accepting:
-Opening Ceremony
-All workshops
-Regional Caucus
-Closing Ceremony
-Agree to meet with sponsors upon accepting
-Agree to publish a short blog post for the Northeast UVSA website and social media post-conference

April 18th, 2018, 11:59 PM EST
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