Broadband/Internet Survey
In Rockingham County's effort to support our citizens being able to live, work, and play effectively, we are conducting a survey around your needs for broadband/internet at your home.

Please know that your participation in this survey is confidential, but the aggregate results will help us make an informed decision as to whether or not we need to move forward with trying to get 25Mbps and higher broadband speed access to this location.

For more information on this survey, please contact Derek Southern at 336-342-8359 or

*At the end of this survey is an Optional Section that asks two questions about water and sewer interest. Your participation in answering these two questions, will help us understand areas that might benefit from public water and sewer infrastructure.
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1. Do you currently have Internet service? *
2. What is the main reason you do not have Internet service at your home?
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3. What type of Internet service does your home have? If more than one, please indicate the one most used.
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4. Are you satisfied with your Internet Service
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5. If you are not happy with your Internet service, please check all reasons that apply
6. If speed is a reason for your dissatisfaction with your Internet service, please check the activities you do that the slow speed hinders.
7. If you could have access to an unlimited, uncapped 25Mb Internet connection that would allow you to stream videos, have video calls, download music, or work from home, how much would you be willing to pay for such a service? *
Please provide us with your physical address so we can map the area(s) with Internet service needs. *
Thank you for your participation in this survey! Should you be interested in the results of this survey, please provide us with your contact information (name and mailing address or email address) below:
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