JLDOC Membership Application Spring 2020
This application is used by a prospective candidate to indicate her intention with regard to joining the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties (JLDOC). As a prospective candidate, it is important that you fully understand what is expected of you during the Provisional year in terms of the time that will be required as well as the responsibilities and financial obligations that must be met.

By accepting below the terms with joining the JLDOC and by completing this application, you are indicating that you do understand the commitment you are making to the Junior League. This application will also provide the Board of Directors with a written statement with which you, the candidate, may be voted into Provisional membership and to which you will be held accountable by the Provisional Committee.

Candidate elects to become a Provisional member and to take the JLDOC Provisional course during the next year. Dues and Provisional fees are to be paid by the first required meeting (Super Saturday).
• Spring Dues = $175.00 (includes $85 Provisional Fee + $90 Active Dues)
• Requirements: Super Saturday, JLDOC orientation meetings, provisional project, and participation in JLDOC events
If you choose not to continue your Junior League membership prior to Super Saturday, you will receive a full refund. If national dues have been paid on your behalf, this money will not be refunded. If you choose to discontinue your membership after Super Saturday, you may receive a credit on your dues to be used towards the following semester only.
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