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Now the whole Minecraft community can experience each other's structures randomly generating in their Minecraft world, using the Tyruswoo Structure Generator! Complete this form to submit your structures for other players to discover!

By submitting structures to this database, we all agree that our structures can be redistributed and modified by anyone, with credit given to the structure creators. For example, Tyruswoo may select structures and make a video highlighting them together as a Community Structure Pack. Thank you for sharing your awesome structures!

Just fill out this form to share your structures!

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This helps you receive credit for your work.
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Title of Structure or Structure Pack *
A short, descriptive title helps others search for structures to download.
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Number of Structures
Enter a numeric value. Examples: 1, 3, 5, 10, 100, 300. (For structure packs, you may count the same structure multiple times, if it is used multiple times in the pack.)
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Screenshot or Video
Strongly encouraged. Enter the URL where the screenshot or video can be viewed.
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Download Link *
Include the URL where your structure(s) can be downloaded. The link should be either for the .nbt file(s) containing your structure(s), or for the world save containing your structures. .nbt files can contain a structure, and are ideal for sharing. However, Minecraft updates (i.e. 1.13 vs before 1.13) can make .nbt structure files not load correctly in future versions of Minecraft. World saves can be loaded in any version of Minecraft, and so are a safer way to save your work. Also, in world saves, structure void blocks are intact, which is a vital part of building structures for natural generation. For this reason, if you would like others to be able to edit your work, include the world save.
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Version *
Select the Minecraft version you used when creating your structure pack. This is important because when Minecraft updates to a new version, .nbt structure files may not be able to be transferred from one version to the next (i.e. 1.13 vs before 1.13).
Dimension(s) Represented
Which of the following dimension(s) are the best match for your structure or structure pack?
Biome(s) Represented
Which of the following "biome(s)" are the best match for your structure or structure pack?
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