For Owners who Purchase Tickets through Arlington’s Ticket Site, one of the licensed owner of a horse participating in a race on the days race card may register themselves and up to three other individuals for access to the Paddock and Winner’s Circle Access for their race.

Registration by licensed owners with a horse in the race card for access to the Paddock and hopefully the winner’s Circle for a picture must be completed by 3:00pm the day prior to the race.

- All registered licensed owners’ names will be placed on a paddock and winner’s circle list for the race that their horse is participating.
- Masks must be worn at all times and groups of owners should maintain a six foot distance from other owner groups at all times..
- All registered individuals will enter the paddock near the tunnel and the Winner’s Circle from the west entrance only.
- Access will be permitted for REGISTERED LICENSED OWNERS will be allowed access to the paddock and winners’ circle for their race only.
- All registered and licensed owners must leave the paddock and winner’s circle and return to their seats immediately after the horses leave the area. NO VIEWING of the race from the Paddock.

Sarah Johnson is the liaison for the press box seating and can reached at if you have problems with registering for seating or with receiving tickets.

• All owners must check in at the paddock tunnel gate for paddock access
• All registered owners must check-in for the winner’s circle at the west winner’s circle gate.
• Can enter the paddock after the horses from the previous race have fully existed the paddock.
• Must leave the paddock and winner’s circle when the horse(s) exit.
Cooperation in adhering to these guidelines and procedures is necessary to continue with this race day program.

IRB owners license requirements in the paddock and winner’s circle.

The Illinois Racing Board has asked that we notify all owners that they will enforce Section 1408.60 Possession of Credentials “The Board may require visible display of a license in a restricted area” The paddock and winner’s circle are restricted areas and owners should visibly display their license at all times while in these areas.
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