Democratic Party of Benton County Campaign Donation Request Form
Please submit by the appropriate deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. Use the same email address each time you submit the form. Any follow-up questions or feedback to candidates will be sent through this email.


All donations are subject to final approval by the DPBC Steering Committee. By submitting this form campaigns are agreeing that all communications, including differences of opinion with the DPBC, be handled through appropriate channels (e.g. not on social media), and that failure to do so could affect future donations. All candidates requesting donations must be active members of the DPBC.

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Give two examples of needs/issues that you have identified in consultation with your prospective constituents and how specifically you would address those needs. [PLEASE SEPARATE THEM WITH A BLANK LINE.] *
Are you planning to or have you already participated in DPBC-supported candidate training? If so, where and when? *
Has your campaign purchased and does it use VAN? *
What is your win number? How many likely or definite "yes" votes does your campaign have at this point? [] *
List the members of your campaign team and their roles. If they are paid staff, indicate their salaries (optional). [PLEASE PLACE EACH INDIVIDUAL ON A SEPARATE LINE.] *
Write a brief statement outlining your general fundraising and communications strategy in light of precautions being taken due to the COVID-19 outbreak. *
Indicate any public events that your campaign has held. This might include such things as meet & greets, house parties, or other fundraisers. *
Indicate the following: a) number of individual donors b) number and the total amount of non-recurring donations c) number and the total amount of recurring donations *
How many volunteers did you campaign enlist in a) phone-banking b) canvassing c) other *
How many potential constituents were attempted to be contacted by phone, and of those, how many were actually reached? *
How many potential constituents were attempted to be contacted by canvassing, and of those, how many were actually reached? *
Besides monetary support, in what other ways could the DPBC support your campaign?
The DPBC appropriation committee values your feedback. What changes could improve this form while keeping with the goal of having a fair and rigorous process for allotting donations?
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