2019 Buildings Submission Form, Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival
Before completing your submission:

Please read our helpful Participant Information Booklet. This is available on the Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival website:

On this page: https://www.glasgowdoorsopendays.org.uk/resources.html

Make sure you have the correct form

There are 3 forms available; 1. Building 2. Guided Walk 3. Event

If you are opening a building but also putting on a talk, please fill out a building submission form and an event submission form so that we can ensure your talk is a highlighted in the programme, you can still reference the talk in your building description.

If you're not sure which form to complete please contact Molly Whawell, GBPT Events and Development Coordinator 0141 554 4411 molly@gbpt.org

Please complete this form by the 14th April. Submissions made after this date may not be considered.

You will receive a copy of your submission to the email address you submit below.

Forms need to be completed in one sitting and cannot be saved part way through.

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