Join us for our 31-day healthy lifestyle challenge from March 1 - 31
You will get a 31-day calendar with daily challenge tasks.
Some tasks focus on flexibility, some on nutrition, some on sleep.

Each daily task will expose you to a healthy lifestyle practice. You get to decide which ones work for you.

Your challenge is to complete each daily task.

The "Buy-in" for the March into Spring Challenge is $62 - just $2 per day.

Your buy-in covers a Nutrition Consultation with Coach Audy OR a 30 min Skill Session with a TSCF Coach of your choice. If you are currently working with Coach Audy, then you get a 30min Skill Session.

You must schedule the session before the challenge ends, but the session can occur after April 1.

Winners are determined by:

Completing all of the daily challenge tasks
Scheduling a Nutrition Consultation or 30 Min Skill Session
The winner(s) of this challenge will get a cash prize.

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