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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our upcoming storytelling event, where we will have a panel of storytellers discussing the positive impacts made from the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax of Seattle. Before we begin this registration, we must recognize the importance of the time, efforts and hard work this community has achieved together to make this tax successful.

Throughout the implementation process in 2018, members of the city council, local stakeholders and community organizers worked through three phases to establish this project; the foundational phase, information gathering, and prioritization process. From formulating agreements on budgeting, data collection of health disparities, and networking with community members, the values behind this movement and process of decision-making are based off this vision statement from the Community Advisory Board:
"A connected community where healthy food and clean water are accessible to all, creating collective wellbeing and happiness and lifting the burden of disease and stress".

The Community Advisory Board was created to overlook the implementation of this tax and conduct further community outreach to combat the battle against health inequities amongst the most disproportionately affected communities in Seattle. Their dedication has immensely contributed to the ongoing fight against non-communicable disease rates among all residents of Seattle - including our working class citizens, our low-income communities and our most disproportionately affected communities from sugar-sweetened beverages.

Please fill out this registration form and demographic questionnaire. We'd love to understand who we will expect to see as part of our audience, we are excited to see you on July 15th!
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