Yoga at Penny Lane
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There are two classes being offered.

Safety of Savasana:
Utilizing the research based trauma-sensitive yoga method developed by David Emerson at the Brookline Trauma Center in Massachusetts, Ashley Randall will guide this small group of women through an 8-week group therapy yoga series. This class will focus on reconnecting the mind and the body utilizing evidence-based group therapy and yoga therapy methods. Sessions will consist of both a psychotherapy component and a yoga therapy component, with a focus on establishing a sense of safety in relationships and within our own bodies. This session is open to women ages 18+.

Yoga for Wellness:
This yoga class is focused on utilizing yoga therapy techniques to promote wellness and reconnect the mind and body. Each session will include mindfulness, gentle stretching and twisting, yoga asanas (postures), and we will end each session with guided imagery. Each week we will have a different theme promoting mental health and we will learn varying yoga and breathing techniques to support mental health. Some examples of themes include, choosing joy, reducing stress, and creating calming thoughts.

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